In the early hours of 17th August, our staff noticed a leakage of diesel from a fuel pipe line located within the premises of the company. The leak was plugged immediately by the staff on night duty. However, by the time this leak was plugged, some amount of oil had escaped into the nearby water body, through the storm water drainage system of the company.

We informed the local authorities as soon as we noticed it and took corrective and precautionary measures in consultation with them. This includes discontinuing the use of the affected fuel pipeline and temporarily blocking the affected storm water drainage. Services of an independent engineer was obtained to ascertain and verify the effectiveness of the corrective and preventive measures implemented.  Additionally, we initiated exhaustive preventive actions to avoid any such occurrence in the future. There has been no repetition of any accidental leak since the incident that took place on the 17th of August and the relevant authorities have physically surveyed and verified the same. As a follow up and in compliance with the directions of the Central Environment Authority (CEA), the CCBSL bottling Plant at Biyagama halted its operations beginning 20th August. Earlier, CCBSL had already reimbursed the expenses incurred by the Marine Environment Protection Authority on the clean-up operations undertaken on August 17th.

The CEA, through a letter dated August 31, 2015 has conditionally restored the Environmental Protection License (EPL) subject to implementation of the recommendations made by the authorities. We are cooperating with all relevant authorities on the next steps. Manufacturing operations at the plant were resumed on 1st September, 2015.

The Coca-Cola Company has been in operation in Sri Lanka for over 50 years and wishes to reaffirm its commitment to the country and the consumers. As we have communicated in the past, we sincerely regret this accident and have already put in place several measures to prevent such an occurrence in the future.